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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ranchers and Environmentalists Finding Common Ground in Cattle Country

Here is an interesting article about younger ranchers finding they have things in common with environmentalists.

Seth Nitschke spent his early 20s working at the country's biggest feed lots before he returned home to start a business raising beef cattle fed on the grasses of the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Nitschke, 31, who makes his living herding heifers through pastures near Yosemite National Park, would never call himself an environmental activist, though he's planting saplings to protect nearby streams and runs a light herd to let his pastures breathe.

Unlike some of his conservative counterparts in traditional livestock production, he and a new crop of cattlemen are quietly working to minimize their industry's ecological footprint, and are forging unlikely alliances with environmental groups.

It's a start I suppose.

Photo by Pikaluk

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