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Monday, February 25, 2008

Petco to Decrease Live Animal Inventory

Thanks to PETA on this one, at least that's what PETA says.

Petco says better customer tracking systems are allowing them to devote more space to products than pets. PETA says it's because the organization threatened to go public with the abuses at one of Petco's live animal suppliers.

PETA said it found a Petco supplier, Rainbow World Exotics in Hamilton, Texas, abusing animals in surprise visits from September to November last year.

For example, PETA said, rabbits were neutered using a dull razor; live hamsters, rats and mice were dumped in trash cans; and animals were thrown to the floor in attempts to kill them.

In response, Petco suspended Rainbow, conducted its own surprise inspection, and Rainbow has completed improvements to its facilities, Whalen said.

"Based on their performance over the last month and their continued interest in working with us to improve protocols, we reinstated them as a supplier," he added.

It doesn't seem right to me that Petco would still keep these monsters as suppliers or that there was no way to shut the place down. Neutering rabbits with dull razors?

Now, PETA needs to work on Petsmart too. I hate walking into that place and seeing all the little mice, hammies and other little animals squashed into small cages.

Adopt, adopt, adopt.

Photo by The_Kinkajou.

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