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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bullfighting Exhibition Set for European Parliament

Are you eff-ing kidding me?

A bullfighting exhibition will be held at the European Parliament in June in Brussels in an effort to persuade lawmakers that the activity is acceptable, the Spanish organisers said Thursday.

The exhibit, called "between man and bull", will be staged for two days at the headquarters of the assembly beginning on June 4, said representatives of the main body which represents Spain's bullfighting sector, the Mesa del Toro.

The secretary general of the body, Eduardo Martin-Penato, said the event would be a "unique opportunity" to show the merits of bullfighting, which are traditionally held in Spain, Portugal and France, to those who are opposed.

I didn't realize that this was such an important issue in Spain, Portugal, and France (France?) that they need an exhibition to promote the stupid thing. And the EU Parliament will allow it?

This is not about culture. It's as much about culture as Japanese whaling. It's about ECONOMICS and money. It's about Spain's bullfighting sector concerned that it may get bad press and keep losing money at their events.

I can't believe it.

Photo by x_m_n_m_x.

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