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Friday, February 22, 2008

Saipan Trying to Find Site for New Shelter

Saipan's government and animal activists are wrestling with the question of where to site a new animal shelter. The island, an American commonwealth, has had serious problems with stray dogs and its treatment of them.

Saipan Mayor Juan B. Tudela maintains that the most appropriate site for an animal shelter is in Kagman and not the old prison facility in Susupe, as suggested by...Pet Assistance and Welfare Services president Katie Busenkell.

This is the shocking part.

Tudela said that since 1985, an animal shelter should have already been established. The animal shelter is long overdue, according to Tudela, and he wants to finish the project “before I leave this office in 2010.

They've had since 1985 to do this? I believe actions speak louder than words, but this IN-action yells volumes.

Photo by roenke47.

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