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Sunday, February 10, 2008

PETA Concerned They Don't Look Stupid Enough, Protests Kentucky Honoring Col. Sanders

I'm sorry, but this is just plain dumb. And I don't say this in defense of KFC, but this is a good example of PETA pissing off everyone, and making animal activists look like kooks.

"If the state legislature moves forward with this one, then they should change Kentucky's state bird from the cardinal to the debeaked, crippled, scalded, diseased, dead chicken," said PETA vice president Bruce Friedrich.

PETA has been involved in a longstanding battle with KFC, and even began a push two years ago to have a bust of Colonel Sanders removed from the Capitol. Sanders became recognizable worldwide after he began marketing his fried chicken.

Again, I'm not saying there aren't serious issues with the way chickens at KFC are treated. But, you have to ask yourself, how is their action going to be perceived by the average Joe. Is this going to accomplish anything? Is anyone going to listen to them?

PETA has done great investigative stories, especially on factory farming. But, when they do this kind of publicity hounding, I think people just tune them out, and don't take what may be major issues seriously.

Photo by Bren and MariLynn


Anonymous said...

Yes mostly americans are to stupid to understand the moral isues of torturing animals.

Anonymous said...

I support PETA 100%

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Anonymous said...

All you have to do is see them runing around ether wearing silly or idiotic costumes or going naked to prove his silly they are then their up demanding that the town of FISHKIL,N.Y. to change its name to FISHSAVE(STUPID NAME)or HAMBURG,N.Y. to change its name to VEGGIEBURG(EVEN MORE STUPID)or for the GREEN BAY PACKERS to change their names to PICKERS I mean and still their hollywood idiots who give them money becuase their also stupid the IQ of a chicken 2% the IQ of PETA is 0%

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