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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Japanese Shown Slaughtering Mother and Calf

Australia has now released a photo of the Japanese hauling a mother and calf aboard the whaling vessel. What a bunch of barbaric slime balls.

Australia has "shocking" evidence to back a legal bid to stop Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean, the Federal Government says.

But Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus says the Government is still unsure who it could prosecute, when, and in what court.

The Government's evidence is a pile of "shocking images'' of the annual whale hunt taken by crew aboard the armed customs patrol vessel Oceanic Viking.

"We have got evidence of whaling being carried out in circumstances that we believe it should not be done,'' Mr Debus told reporters in Sydney today.

Update - Japan lies and says it wasn't a mother and calf

Mr Morimoto said the smaller of the two whales was just over five metres in length, while the larger was just over eight metres.

They were both female, neither was "lactating", and their difference in size showed only "random sampling" in practice.

Look at that picture. Does that look like a some random sampling of 2 adult females?

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