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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Watch Out, This is How it Started With The Gang of Four

Xinhua has come out with a story about the rising problem with dogs in Beijing.

More than 100,000 dogs have been newly registered this year, bringing the Chinese capital's dog population to 703,879 and prompting a "string of social problems," the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Complaints about barking and dogs fouling public spaces are on the rise, while numbers of strays abandoned by their masters are growing, it said.

I wonder if this is the prelude to "cleaning" up the streets for the Olympics. It will be interesting to watch in the months ahead.

Here is a link to China Daily about the "rise in animal attacks"

They are saying that Beijing, a city of about 12.5 million, had about 140,000 people seek medical treatment last year. The US, by way of comparison, had about 800,000 for a population of 301 million. So, for the US, that is about 0.27 percent of the population. For Beijing, they are saying 1.12 percent of the population seek medical attention for this. I'm not saying it isn't true, but it's good to at least look at the numbers for yourself.

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