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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Fellow Critters:

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ruthie D., and avid lover of animals everywhere, and for the time being the Guest host of Critter News. I own 2 wonderful kitties named Gus and Jingles. Recently we moved to a home of our own and it is the first time that our cats had gotten to go out in the back yard. The picture is one of our Cat named Jingles. She is about 10 years old and has a very hard time hearing.
When we came home yesterday, our neighbor came over and told us about the night she spent with her cats. Readers, it was not a pretty picture! Some people in the next block had let their dogs run loose around midnight and one of the animals was a Pit Bull Dog and the other one was a mixed breed that was with the same family.

Well it is something that happens all too many times ...those Dogs got a hold of those cats and mauled them to death. The Authorities were notified and they finally came to take a statement 2-3 hours later. They also told the owner of the cats that she had every right to handle those dogs with force as she saw fit.

Now I know there are readers who might side with the family of Dog owners. But I must side with the cat family. I guess I against the violence of the act.

Just wanted to introduce my self and most of the time I don't have much happening around me to report on but you can believe me that I will have some interesting posts. So until mrbarky gets back......lets get on our horses and Ride............ Yahoooooooo!

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