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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Honoring a Fallen Officer

There is a mystery in Bellmead TX about who killed Animal Control Officer Bob Mead, He was found in the animal shelter with multiple gunshot wounds to the back.

Bellmead police believe the person who killed the city's only animal control officer most likely knew him.

Chief Bob Harold said it's possible the murderer had been verbally critical of Bobby Evans before shooting him in the back and leaving him for dead last month.

Evans' family made an emotional plea Wednesday to bring that killer to justice. The big question they have is: Why would someone want to kill their loved one, and who would shoot a man multiple times in the back?

Police found Evans shot three times in the back June 18th, lying in the doorway of the animal shelter.

Nearly a month later, with few leads and no arrests, police and the Evans family held a news conference to plead for help.

It's impossible to tell for certain whether this was a personal, random or work-related attack. However, he was found in his work place and he was the only animal control officer in the town. A variety of animal groups are jointly offering a reward for information.

The National Animal Control Association has a page in his honor.

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