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Monday, August 6, 2007

Primarily Primates Files Suit to Get Apes Back

This is going to get NASTY. Primarily Primates is filing suit to get 7 apes that were taken away after it was found that their alleged alcoholic president, Wallace Swett, kept them in squalid conditions..

Here are some testimonials
about what conditions were like before the place was temporarily closed.

Now Friends of Animals (which merged with Primarily Primates) is alleging that the 7 apes might be subject to animal experiments at Chimp Haven if they remain there. Here is their press release.

Frankly, I find the experimentation angle a bit far fetched. Here is a link to Chimp Haven.

It's a pity that Primarily Primates and Friends of Animals don't spend their time and money on animals rather than this stupid "turf" war.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. I think that Friends of Animals, particularly Patricia Feral and her allies, has been the antagonist all along.

They have consistently defended Wallace Swett, the founder of Primarily Primates, a seriously disturbed man from what I've read. This sanctuary fell into neglect and disrepair under his watch.

They attacked the Receivership that the State of Texas assigned to temporarily manage the sanctuary. The Receivorship did great work with limited support. Would the State have stepped in AT ALL if this place didn't need help?

Now, they are making crazy accusations about Chimp Haven.

I was a donor to Primarily Primates and am appalled at this debacle. Blame the stupid State of Texas for taking the expedient way out of this mess and caving in to Patricia Feral and her friends.


Anonymous said...

I can personally attest to Priscilla Feral's near-religious fervence of getting these chimps back despite that MASSIVE evidence that Primarily Primates has had no sea change in the level of care given to their animal charges.

-Ben Bayliss, Columbus, Ohio

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