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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Overindulging your is one more kind of abuse.

Can you compare it with Michael Vicks treatment with dogs...

Two sides of coin: torturing and overindulging animals
went for a walk in Central Park, New York, and came across a poodle with a manicure. It was wearing long bright red fake nails and was being pushed through the park in a baby carriage. I told the proud owner that I thought a French manicure would have been more appropriate.
It was a startling sight, but in Manhattan not an isolated one. New York's Pet Fashion Week, a trade show and designer platform to showcase pet lifestyle products, was held a week or so ago. On the catwalk, dogs in diamond collars and cats in haute couture were paraded before buyers and doting owners.
At the same time, Michael Vick, a well-known American-football player, dominated US headlines with news that he would plead guilty to charges relating to unlawful dog-fighting. For about six years Vick conducted dog-fighting matches on a property he owned.

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