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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cat Skin "Fashion" in Australia: An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle Reported on by a Lazy Journalist

It seems there is a cat skin trade in Australia. Ace reporter Liam Houlihan from the Herald Sun has the story.

Fashion items made from skinned domestic cats are being sold at Victorian markets.

The illegal trade in patterned cat skin cuffs, designed to be attached to jackets, has outraged cat lovers.

And animal rights activists believe cats are being bred locally in "feline factories" for their skins.

The article concludes:

Consumer Affairs Victoria said it was unaware of a trade in pet skins.

Okay. Is that it? The article makes a few generalized allegations with no effort to find out what is going on. Who is buying this stuff? Who is selling it? Maybe a visit to one of these "Victorian markets" selling cat skin items is in order.

The headline says "Animal Lovers Appalled". At whom? Other than quoting Animal Liberation Victoria founder Patty Mark, and a veterinarian, there doesn't seem to be any fuss at all over this. And he certainly displays a minimal amount of interest in getting to the bottom of the story.

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