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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Prairie Dogs Need Protecting Too!

Forest Guardians is asking the Bush Administration to reconsider their decision not to list the black tailed prairie dog under the Endangered Species Act. I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Dick Cheney would probably shoot them himself and serve them in his underground bunker if he had a chance. Fortunately he only shoots other hunters and pen- raised animals.

Here is Forest Guardians Web site.
From their web site:

Founded in 1989, Forest Guardians has emerged as a results-driven group with a proven record of defending and preserving threatened southwestern wildlife and ecosystems. Our approach to conservation features a potent combination of scientific analysis, strategic litigation to enforce existing environmental laws, and efforts to reform misguided public polices.

Our Mission

Forest Guardians seeks to protect and restore the native wildlands and wildlife of the American Southwest through fundamental reform of public policies and practices.

Our goals are to protect and restore the native biological diversity and watersheds of the American Southwest; educate and enlist citizens to support protection of the forests, rivers, deserts and grasslands of this arid region; advocate for the principles of conservation biology in plans to restore degraded ecosystems and watersheds; enforce and strengthen environmental laws; support communities in efforts to protect their land and to practice and promote sustainable use of natural resources.

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