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Monday, August 27, 2007

More on Animals Being Killed in European Zoos For Profit

I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

Here is a detailed article on how unwanted animals in European zoos are being killed and their skins are being sold for profit due to a loophole in CITES.

From the article.

Video footage shows the animals suffering a lingering death as they were repeatedly and inexpertly shot over more than 20 minutes. Afterwards Gerard is shown skinning the animals with a view to their being stuffed. He also confessed on camera to having shot the animals himself, although he subsequently insisted to The Sunday Times that his “friend”, who he would not identify, had actually pulled the trigger.

Gerard has fuelled his lucrative taxidermy business buying surplus animals from zoos across Europe. The footage now suggests that he has also been involved in the death of unwanted zoo animals as well as stuffing them.

Let´s hope this article prompts changes in the laws covering this.

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