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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dogs in War

Here is a good article about dogs being used in the military in Iraq. If there is one bright side, vet care is far better than in previous wars.

When he came to, the Marine's arm hung lamely. It was broken by ball bearings hurled so hard from a suicide bomb that they also became embedded in his gun. Yet Brendan Poelaert's thoughts quickly turned to his patrol dog.

The powerful Belgian Malinois named Flapoor had served him as partner and protector for the past four months in Iraq. Now, the dog staggered a few steps along the Ramadi street, then stared blankly. Blood poured from his chest.

"I didn't care about my injuries, my arm," his handler says. "I'm telling the medic, 'I got to get my dog to the vet!"'

The dog's handlers seem to really care about them.

Here is a site dedicated to dog handlers and the dogs
that served with them.

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