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Monday, August 13, 2007

Spiders: Not Chick Magnets

This article is particularly inane. Pets can apparently "wreck" relationships according to this survey of 200,000 people according to the Guardian.

Women were particularly unimpressed with men who owned spiders, with 48% admitting to being repelled at the prospect. Men were turned off by partners who pampered pets, spending more than £100 a week on accessories and upkeep. One in four men said they would not date a woman with two or more cats and a third of women said they would avoid men who let cats sleep on their pillows.

OK, so tough luck for all you spider owners (men only, as I'm sure guys would be impressed by women like this). And if you have more than one cat ladies, a full 25 percent of men won't date you! Jeepers! £100 ($201.00) per week on pet accessories? Are you kidding me?

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