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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vick May Plead

Prosecutors are allegedly offering him a deal where he would serve a year in prison.

I bet he takes it. His 2 co-defendents have already made deals. If he doesn't he would be left holding the bag. From the article:

The deal offered by federal prosecutors recommends that the Atlanta Falcons quarterback serve a year in prison, The Virginian-Pilot reported in its Thursday editions. The newspaper quotes two anonymous sources.

Without an agreement in place by the end of the week, Vick could face new, more serious charges when a grand jury reconvenes on Monday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes its sources as saying Vick is waiting to hear from the NFL how a guilty plea might affect his football career.

If he takes it and the NFL let's him continue playing, I think they would be making a gigantic mistake. And any potential team could count on lots of bad publicity.

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