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Monday, August 27, 2007

Spanish Network Stops Showing Bullfighting

Spanish network TVE has stopped showing bullfighting.

I had heard it was going out of style. I went to a bullfight yesterday, but it was more like the running of the bulls (but the bull had a rope attached to him). I´ll write more about that when I get back from the Azores.

Now on to the article above...

At a time when the bloody ritual that was once Spain's "national fiesta" has come under increased scrutiny, it would be easy to read this absence as another sign that bullfighting is in trouble. In 2004, Barcelona declared itself "an anti-bullfighting city," and earlier this year an animal-protection law prohibiting new bullrings went into effect throughout the entire northeastern region of Catalonia. To prevent future generations from embracing the sport, the law also made bullfights R-rated: children under 14 can no longer attend the spectacles.

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