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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Makah Tribal Members Face Federal Indictment

A federal grand jury has handed down 3 counts against the members of the Makah tribe accused of illegal whaling. The charges are, however, misdemeanors and not felonies.

Five Makah tribal members who went on a rogue whale hunt last month have been indicted on federal charges and face up to a year in jail, prosecutors said Thursday.

The whalers face three counts each of conspiracy, unlawful taking of a marine mammal and unauthorized whaling -- all misdemeanors.

According to the grand jury indictment handed down Thursday, the gray whale killed by the men was struck by at least four harpoons and 16 bullets fired by a high-powered rifle.

The crew was captained by Wayne Johnson, who has told reporters he wasn't sorry for what he and the others did. The other four have been identified as Theron Parker, Andy Noel, Billy Secor and Frank Gonzales Jr.

Photo by Minette.

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Anonymous said...

Another sick activity by inhumane humans. What could they possibly get out of butchering this whale? Some fat? Meat? Go to a store. It's like killing a deer and smearing your face in it's liver and taking a bite of it's heart. Barbaric or sick. Thin line, neither of them worthy. These men need either less testosterone or more of a life. Adopt a dog!

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