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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PETA Lends Vick a Helping Hand

Can anyone explain to me why PETA is allowing Vick to take a one day class of theirs on being kind to animals? He hasn't even been sentenced in the federal case, or tried in the state case brought against him.

Do they really think this is going to change him? If a person is involved in electrocuting, beating or hanging dogs to death, they will need a little more than a couple slide shows of bunny rabbits and puppies to change his attitude about animals. How about let's start with some jail time. Then maybe he can start sensitivity training..

What do you think his lawyers are going to talk about at his sentencing? Oh, he's changed. He's working with PETA now. He's so sorry. He's suffered enough.

But, it's a nice PR stunt for the both of them. Vick can use it to mitigate his horrible crimes in front of the judge, and PETA gets maximum attention to raise money.

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Anonymous said...

You're irritating. Please stop blogging about things you obviously don't bother to research. PETA clearly stated they still believe he deserves the maximum sentence.

That you bash both parties that are obvious polar opposites in terms of knowledge of animals says a lot about your own willful ignorance. Vick also learned from PETA exactly how to address children about this issue when approached by them--something very important if you bothered to follow any of the media coverage of this at all. He is a huge influence on kids all over the country and for him to tell them what he did was terrible is incredibly important to ensure they realize how wrong mistreating animals in any way, shape, or form really is.

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