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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bush: We Need to Preserve Animals So We Can Eat 'Em

Our fearless leader has been speechifying about the need to protect animals for the hunting and fishing set.

President George W. Bush visited a Maryland wildlife refuge and went fishing in the Chesapeake Bay to highlight his concept of ``cooperative conservation'' to protect fish and migratory birds.

Bush, a frequent target of criticism by environmentalists on such issues as global warming, made his trip a day after unveiling several proposals for wildlife preservation. He also devoted his weekly radio address today to the subject.

``My administration is committed to protecting the environment that our sportsmen depend on,'' Bush said in his radio speech today. ``To meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century, we must bring together conservationists, fishermen, sportsmen, local leaders, and federal, state and tribal officials in a spirit of cooperation.'

Frankly I don't know why he even bothers. When it comes to raping the environment and turning over the reigns of government to industry, these people are second to none. They make Reagan and James Watt look like amateurs. All we can hope for is that they don't screw things up beyond repair before this knothead goes back to clearing brush on his "ranch".

Worst. President. Ever.

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