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Friday, October 26, 2007

More Bad Dog News From Puerto Rico

Show me a place with a beach named "dead dog beach" and I'll show you a place that has issues with animals. No wonder they're starting to worry it might have an effect on tourism. They better get their act together.

Here's a link to In Defense of Animals for those that want to know where to send their complaints.


Unknown said...

I work with Hands for Paws and we do rescue in Puerto Rico, specifically concerning Dead Dog Beach. There are a lot of horror stories about animal cruelty that go on in Puerto Rico. Luckily, not all people there are bad. It's the cultural memes that continue passing from generations that make it very difficult to change. We are doing everything we can - rescue groups banning together - to help Puerto Rico get a handle on the overpopulation using low-cost spay and neuter programs as well as public awareness and education campaigns. To learn more about that area, check our website at Also check out and

mrbarky said...

Good point. I've posted about your group and the other's mentioned. Thanks for the comment.

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