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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Animal Rights Group Claims More Product Tampering

A group identifying itself as the Animal Rights Militia has again claimed to have tampered with products made by Novartis. Novartis uses Huntingdon Life Sciences for research, and they in turn have been targeted because they do animal testing.

From the group's latest anonymous communication:

Over the last three months members of our cell have been inserted into various positions throughout the operations of numerous high street stores and supermarkets such as Superdrug and Tesco. These agents have once again tampered with bottles and tubes of Savlon. This time the tubes of Savlon were infected with sodium hydroxide that had been mixed with a large amount of Savlon in advance.

However, we have not stopped there, we have also tampered with numerous other Novartis products including, but in no way limited solely to, Lypsyl and Lamisil. Firstly the Lypsyl outer packaging was carefully removed and then the tamper-evident packaging on the tube itself was very easily removed, finally the Lypsyl was removed from the tube and then dunked into the contaminated savlon and replaced. The packaging was then glued back in place.

As members of the cell have now infiltrated numerous parts of the supply chain of these stores they were able to not only place the tampered with products on the shelves but also inside the boxes of products in the warehouse and depots ensuring a constant supply of tampered with product since the 1st of October when we began our operation.

The Animal Rights Militia has a long history, including grave robbing.

Here is a Wikipedia article on them

Here is a fact sheet from ALF, which outlines how they have made these announcements in the past and have been hoaxes.

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