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Sunday, October 7, 2007

DMX Animal Cruelty Police Report Released

The police report on DMX involving allegations of animal cruelty have been released. The TMZ article has a story and a link to the actual report.

Here is a summary:

On 8/3/07, the Maricopa Co. Sheriff's office received an anonymous complaint about dogs not being cared for properly at the home of Earl Simmons (DMX).

On 8/7, officers arrived to find 7 dogs tied in various locations in 110 degree heat with no food or water. Nobody answered the door. They smelled decaying flesh and found areas that looked freshly dug. They took photographs, gave the animals water, and left a notice on the door.

On 8/8 officers received a message from Earl Simmons' attorney Scott Mason. They were able to contact him at 10am on 8/10, and were told that Mr. Simmons had heard about the notice from his caretaker, and was concerned about the animals. The officer told the attorney that the animals had been left out in 110 degree heat without food or water. The attorney told them that Mr. Simmons had problems hiring caretakers, but would have his current caretaker correct the problem.

The officer showed up at 5pm that day to check on the animals. None had food or water. He again gave them water.

On 8/15, the officer again went to the house and saw Mr. Bradley Blackwell giving the dogs water. Mr. Blackwell said their were also 4 dogs in kennels in the house. He also said that he was not given enough money to care for the dogs, and had to pay for dog food out of his own pocket. He stated that there were dogs buried in the yard, which might have either died from valley fever or from the heat.

On 8/21, the office checked again on the animals and found they had no water available. He gave them water, took photographs, and left.

On 8/22 he arrived again with another officer. 2 dogs in a kennel on the south side of the house had no water. 2 other dogs were tied to an awning with no shelter from the sun.

On 8/24, all the dogs were seized.

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