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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finding Shelter for Animals in San Diego Wildfire

Pets are being kept outside Qualcomm stadium. Some domesticated animals are being kept on area beaches.

Outside the Qualcomm stadium in San Diego - where about 10,000 people are using the Chargers' home turf as a wildfire shelter - there are all sorts of animals in the parking lot with their owners, waiting out the crisis with access to food and water.

In Del Mar, the clubhouse at the 70-year-old racetrack is also being used as a shelter. Hundreds of people are watching television sets blaring reports from the fire lines and damaged neighborhoods, half hoping to see a glimpse of their homes - and half not - fearing what's left may be only a ruin. Others are dozing on cots, with their pets penned in nearby, in temporary fencing.

"We're going crazy trying to get back into our apartment just to see what kind of damage we've got," said Tim Harrington, who arrived at the track with his wife, son and their two pet rats. "Then we'll pick up the pieces from there."

Just outside the clubhouse, barns that usually house thoroughbred race horses sheltered a variety of large animals.

Those that need assistance can call Pet Evacuation Assistance at 619-236-4250 and select "1"

Photo by Tree_trunks

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