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Monday, October 1, 2007

Tarantulas: The Cactii of the Pet World

OK, they aren't cuddly. They eat bugs, and they don't really do much. But, you can leave them for a month if they've been well fed and watered. How's that for low maintenance?

Tarantulas are easy to care for, and their fearsome reputation is vastly exaggerated. "I hear it all the time: What are you doing with those around? What if it got out? It could kill somebody," says Mark Jones, who with his wife Beth runs Chaos and Critters exotic animal rescue in Mobile, Ala.

But in fact, these large spiders aren't as dangerous as that.

"They will not kill you," Jones says. "You'd have to have a severe allergy to insect venom. Some of them, the bites are no worse than a mosquito."

Here is a link to Chaos and Critters
animal rescue in Mobile AL.

Photo courtesy of furryscaly.

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