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Friday, October 5, 2007

Canadian Animal Rights Activists Target Foie Gras Farm

Activists in Quebec have targeted Aux Champs d'Elisee, and are attempting a boycott.

Quebec animal rights activists are calling on restaurants and grocery stores to stop selling foie gras products after releasing controversial video footage and alleging abuse at a local producer.

In their latest attack on the controversial industry, activists targeted another Quebec foie gras company, Aux Champs d'Elisee and its farm east of Montreal.

Animal rights group Global Action Network alleged on Monday that a volunteer for the group who went undercover at the farm this summer witnessed several acts caught on hidden video that could be construed as cruelty towards animals.

Quebec provincial police have opened an investigation into the allegations.

Global Action Network spokesman Andrew Plumbly said it's a product restaurants and grocery stores don't need to sell.

Here is a link to Global Action Network with the video.

Photo by Jason Hutchens

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Anonymous said...

If I know a restaurant offers foie gras I call them and let them know I will NOT patronize their restaurant! Same with shark.

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