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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bullfighting in South Korea?

I certainly didn't expect it, but it's true. There is bullfighting in South Korea. But it's very different from the blood sport we see in Latin countries in Europe and South America.

Think bullfighting and images of capes, swords and death -- usually for the bull, rarely for the bullfighter -- spring to mind.

But in South Korea, which hosts several bullfighting festivals a year, a longstanding agricultural tradition views fatalities in the ring as a waste of good bull.

South Koreans have adapted the public show associated with Spain and Portugal into a horn-to-horn battle between two bulls who are matched by size and weight.

Some bulls walk out, some leave running, but all leave alive....

"If the bull does his best and wins, people celebrate, but if their bull does not succeed people are understanding of the circumstances. The spirit is the same as that of the Korean people. We celebrate victory but don't dwell too long on defeat when it comes," said Lee.

Photo by Oli R

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