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Monday, November 5, 2007

Puppy Mills Infesting Virginia

Here's a new Humane Society investigative report on the burgeoning number of puppy mills in the State of Virgina.

A five-month, undercover investigation by The HSUS revealed a substantial Virginia puppy mill industry that is largely unregulated and often in violation of state and federal laws.

Some key points...

*Commercial dog breeders in Virginia number nearly 1,000.

*Like many states, Virginia has no kennel inspection program to ensure that dog breeders meet basic standards of animal care.

*To sell puppies to pet stores, facilities with more than three breeding females are required to have a license from the United States Department of Agriculture...In Virginia, only a handful of dog breeders hold a USDA license; many of the unlicensed sell to pet stores, anyway.

*Virginia's puppy mills significantly contribute to the state's pet overpopulation crisis: last year, shelters in Virginia had to euthanize more than 42,000 dogs for lack of homes.

There's a video posted on the page too, if you want to watch.

Photo by jsdart.

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