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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Canada's Fur Industry Strikes Back

The Canadian Fur Industry has launched an ad campaign promoting fur as environmentally friendly.

No, I'm not making it up.

Run by the Fur Council of Canada, the campaign uses trendy catchphrases such as renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and non-toxic to depict fur as eco-friendly. The council also stresses the humane treatment of animals used to produce fur.

"I defy anybody to name me a more environmentally friendly produce, something that's produced in nature, that gives us an incentive to protect the forest," said council spokesperson Alan Herscovici.

But I thought a lot of furs come from fur farms that do not rely on forests, but the animals in the pens for the fur supply.

Perhaps they are taking a page from the Bush Administration. According to them, people are so dumb that if you say something often enough, they'll eventually believe you. Even if it's a blatant lie.

It's been pretty successful so far in the US....

Photo by Vegan_Butterfly.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think these ads are going to fool many people. Besides the whole cruelty and endangered wildlife thing, there are many reasons why fur is not "eco". For one, fur has a huge carbon footprint. The pelts of animals trapped or farmed in North America or Europe are flown to China for processing and then shipped back to North America and Europe to be auctioned off and then sent to retailers. China, where the processing and dying of the pelts with harsh chemicals occurs, doesn't exactly have very strict pollution laws. Also, like pig and chicken factory farms, mink or fox factory farm produce huge amounts of fecal wastes that can pollute local waterways. And I'm sure there's 100 other ways the fur industry harms the environment....

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