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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mobile Pet Adoptions

The Seattle Humane Society now has a mobile pet adoption vehicle that can hold hold up to 20 animals. That's an excellent idea.

Friday was the maiden voyage for the MaxMobile, a 33-foot bright-yellow truck specially designed and built for the Humane Society. It can hold up to 20 animals — including cats, dogs and rabbits — for transportation to retail centers or high-traffic areas where they are put on display in hopes they'll steal a heart and find a new home.

"We've been looking to get a cat for the last few months," said Sherer, holding Ace as he cuddled into her neck, purring in her ear. "He's going to be a great cat. I think my kids are going to flip."

Sherer filled out the necessary adoption forms and paid the $80 fee before she took the cat home. Adoption fees vary with the age and type of pet. Puppies and kittens cost more, and animals with special needs cost less.

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