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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NZ Minister Condemns Heather Mills' Campaign

I didn't realize Heather Mills was so influential that a New Zealand government official would actually speak out against her activism. I guess she doesn't have to be married to Sir Paul to cause a fuss...see below.

New Zealand Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton said Thursday that British celebrity Heather Mills was deluded in a campaign against eating meat and dairy products that she launched this week in London. "The claim that you can't be an environmentalist if you eat meat and dairy products is wrong," Anderton said.

"That the picture on one billboard associating meat and dairy with a burnt out wasteland and hellish fires suggests Ms Mills has never seen a New Zealand dairy farm. For her information, they are lush and green."

New Zealand is the world's biggest single exporter of butter, cheese and other dairy products and a major supplier of sheep meat to Europe and beef to the United States and Asia.

Photo by Russell Bremner.

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