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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finding the Right Pet Sitter

Finding a good pet sitter can be a serious issue. Anyone can set up shop and call themselves one. Here is an article about find a good one.

Everybody seems to agree throughout the pet care industry that Pet Sitting in addition to being one of the fastest growing home business sweeping across America has some unqualified “baby sitters or house sitters” offering services that perhaps they are not qualified to offer to the pet owning public. Many people who own pets prefer, rather than board their pets, to hire well trained pet sitters to care for their beloved pets in their home when that pet owner, perhaps a busy professional themselves, must be away from the home for business trips.

A professional pet sitter should be trained by one of the national pet sitting organizations such as NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) a non-profit organization with pet sitter members across the country.

This organization provides a well trained pet sitting professional for America’s pet lovers. According to Candance Godfrey, President of NAPPS “When you are considering a pet sitter to care for your beloved pets be sure that the pet sitter is insured and has received training regarding emergency care procedures. A professional pet sitter should also have a number of references you can call to give you peace of mind. Remember that this trained pet sitter also cares for your home as well as your loved “family pet”. When your pet is cared for in its own home there seems to be much less stress to the pet in addition to there being a safeguard against diseases that could be contracted in public surroundings such as kennels or boarding facilities.

I don't know if ours is a member, but if you live in the Seattle area, Pets Dig Me is awesome.

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