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Monday, November 19, 2007

Maori Singer Mihirangi to Join Whaling Protest

According to Sea Shepherd, Australian based singer/songwriter Mihirangi will join the crew of the Robert Hunter to try to stop the hunt.

The Maori flag will fly from the masthead of the Sea Shepherd ship Robert Hunter and Mihirangi will join the crew along with some thirty-five other volunteers from around the world. Mihirangi is an internationally acclaimed artist who has toured extensively throughout her Native Aotearoa, Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States. Mihirangi’s performance was one of the highlight at the Sea Shepherd 30th Anniversary Event in Santa Monica, California where she performed for over 500 people.

“Ever since I first heard of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society I have felt a great sense of relief that there is a committed group of people who are willing to defend Nature from the overpowering and sightless greed of those who are hell-bent on economy and not ecology. It is human character to protect that which you believe in, that which you cherish and that which you love… I love Nature and I know that we as part of the Earths bionetwork may not survive the mass extinctions that we are now facing due to the stupidity of a powerful few and the ever increasing global population. I hope that by going on this campaign that I contribute to the survival of an intelligent and magnificent animal that plays a crucial role in the bio-diversity of the world we live in,” said Mihirangi.

Here is where you can listen to her music.

, by the way, is the Maori name for New Zealand.

Photo by Iwona Kellie

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