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Friday, November 9, 2007

Mass Horse Slaughter in Australia

Authorities in Queensland plan to slaughter 10,000 feral horses (called brumbies down under), and tried to keep it a secret. There may be legitimate environmental reasons for this kind of thing. But, keeping this a secret is just plain wrong. If they have to deal with noisy animal rights activists, so be it. People need to know what their government is doing.

Documents obtained by The Courier-Mail show fears of a public outcry led to high-level talks on how to conceal one of the world's largest animal culls.

But the kill to help the environment - including shooting horses in the state's southeast - is already drawing international condemnation from animal rights groups and criticism of the RSPCA for condoning it.

Reports obtained under Freedom of Information showed the Government was aware of the controversy the cull would create.

Earlier this year, then environment minister Lindy Nelson-Carr told former premier Peter Beattie the killing of horses "has the potential to precipitate vocal opposition from small special-interest groups with strong inflexible views".

Thousands of horses already have been shot, including 4000 at the popular Carnarvon National Park in central Queensland.

In remote areas, the animals are left to rot where they fall.

But Government documents show that in other areas shooters were instructed to hide the bodies.


Airspace1 said...

This is so Sad that this is happeing to a nice country. Its seems they are following our Poor and sad decissions the Cattle Association made about our Wild Mustangs. The cry about the horses are straving to death then then later you see about 1 million Cattle out there grazing. Its really all about the Buck and these Sellouts should be Exposed Big Time. I incourge all Australians to jump on this to protect there Wild Heritage. Let the goverment you dont want to see another AG Sellout Industry like USDA. For a History Tour about Horse Slaughter visit

Anonymous said...

Hey no way thts gona happen to horses cuz lat is not fair at ALL

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