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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mixed Reaction Over Killing of Mountain Lion

I have the stomach flu, so don't get too close to this while you're reading it. Hey, I need something to laugh through the nausea.

Anywho, here is a really interesting article about a man who shot a mountain lion that was attacking his dog. Some thought him a hero for protecting his dog. Others thought him a monster for killing such a wonderful animal. It certainly raises a lot of issues. It's easy to say that, yes, we are infringing on the mountain lion's habitat etc. But if it's got your dog in his jaws, that's not something that goes through your mind. I think it's really a lose/lose situation.

At the Division of Wildlife offices in Denver, a surge of e-mails arrived, while the switchboard lit up with callers weighing in on whether Kocar should be commended for protecting his pet or slapped with charges for unauthorized killing of wildlife.

Ultimately, the DOW declined to file charges.

"No matter what decision we make, 50 percent of the population is always upset with us," Baskfield says. "Either we haven't done enough to protect public safety or they're upset we killed the animal."

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