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Thursday, November 8, 2007

ALF Spokesperson Jerry Vlasak to Speak at Hampshire College

Controversial doctor and ALF Spokesperson Jerry Vlasak is slated to speak at Hampshire College's "Smash the State Crush the Cage" weekend.

Administrators first objected to the Hampshire Animal Liberation Advocacy group's conference for safety reasons. A planned keynote speaker, Jerry Vlaska, a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Federation, has on several occasions noted he supports violence against scientists who test on animals.

Federation? What is this Star Trek? It's the Animal Liberation Front.

Vlaska "believes that any tactics - ranging from threats and break-ins to sabotage and even assault or murder - are legitimate given the suffering exploiters inflict on animals (and) the impossibility of ending their misery through legal systems," his biography reads.

Here's a Wikipedia
article about Vlasak (They can't seem to spell his name right either). Here is what ALF says about him.

Photo by mac_vegetarian

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