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Sunday, August 2, 2009

SCLC to Celebrate Michael Vick Day

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is sponsoring a Michael Vick celebration in Newport News. Whether you think he deserves a second chance or not in the NFL, I find it a little strange that they are sponsoring this. What exactly are they celebrating? His release from prison?


Andrew said...

Mr. Barky,

I too, feel that this is somewhat strange.

As a Christian, I fully agree with the need for forgiveness and second chances.

But public celebrations for those who are released from prison should be reserved for genuine political prisoners or those who are imprisoned for their genuine religious beliefs. They should not be held for those involved in the organization of illegal dog-fighting rings.

Ana said...

I'll tell you why they are celebrating this day. The SCLC is a civil rights group. There is a widespread belief in the African American community that Michael Vick was targeted because of his race. He is considered a victim of racism and another example of people putting animals ahead of African Americans.

That's why they are celebrating his release.

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