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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Critter News Is Now On Facebook

We now have a group on Facebook. As of yet, I am the only member. Oh well. We've got to start somewhere to get anywhere on the Interwebs and all.


Janice Gillett said...

Good luck with that i am ready to tear mine down. Something else to manage and more animals in your face who suffer thanks to the hands of humans then you can imagine when your getting news from other animal rescuers all over the world.

Bea Elliott said...

Great! Will have to friend you :)
BTW - Great idea on the podcast wrapping up the week... I'll certainly be listening in.

Zucchini Breath said...

either I am very unobservant or you need to post a link to your facebook deely. I want to join, please...?

mrbarky said...

If you look for Critter News as two words it will come up.

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