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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Animal Activists Steal Ashes From Grave of Novartis CEO's Family

Yeesh. This happened at the end of July. Animal rights activists from a group called The Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences went to a cemetery and dug up an urn belonging to the family of Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella. They also splattered paint on the headstones. From Bite Back:
On the 15th of August, this message was sent to Daniel Vasella's email:

'Daniel Vasella,
Because of you there are thousands of animals dying unnamed in mass graves, but yours was all too easy to find. If you wish the urn that was taken from the grave to be returned then you need to publically finish with Huntingon Life Sciences immediately.
You have 2 choices Mr Vasella: lose HLS or LOSE THE URN.'

We kidnapped the ashes of one of his immediate family members in order to teach him that in life and death all beings are equal and deserve to be treated so. Until he can show some respect for the animals Novartis sends to slaughter then we see no reason to respect his dead. It could be either of his sisters, one who died of Lymphdrüsenkrebs or one who died in a car accident, or could it be his father who died unexpectectly after an operation when he was 13?

This time you've got the chance to receive back your family's urn in exchange for dropping HLS for now and for ever, Daniel, and if you don't act fast enough we can just empty the urn in the closest TOILET...

The Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences"

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