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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unacceptable Trade in Primate Research Animals

I'm so glad I have this blog and other web outlets to highlight these kinds of stories. If not for these outlets, I would have to sit in a slow simmer as none of my "friends" can handle or understand the outrage. I think they just want to live in happy denial. If they think about what's going on and their role in it, then they might actually have to care.

Here's a post on the Red, Green and Blue blog about the unspeakable trade in macaque monkeys as research subjects. Around 10,000 are bred and exported from Mauritius to the US, UK and Japan. They are considered an environmental pest because they are a non-native species that inflict ecological damage....but to deal with them this way is just unacceptable. Better to cull them than subject them to years of pain and loneliness in a lab.

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