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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canadian Poacher Sentenced to Jail Time

I understand this is precedent-setting, but it still seems light punishment to me. The guy had 13 prior convictions....that's a lot!

From Eco-Worldly...
A man in Toronto with 13 prior wildlife crime convictions will serve time after being busted with “a plethora” of poached wildlife.

In a “precedent-setting” sentence, The Star has reported that Toronto-based Pak Sun Chung has been sentenced to 106 days plus an additional nine months in jail for two federal offenses under the Species at Risk Act. The judge also banned him from hunting or fishing in Ontario.

Repeat offender Chung was found this time with what is described as “a plethora of wildlife, alive, dead, and quartered.” He also reportedly has $27,000 in fines related to the 13 prior convictions. Chung was previously arrested twice for the same turtle poaching crime in less than six weeks during 2007.

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Janice Gillett said...

Its a sickness for him, he will never stop. The only way for them to learn is to put him a leg hold trap in the middle of wolf country. I could agree to him being used for shark bait as well.

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