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Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Blood Sport Involves...Canaries?

From the WTF files...and reported by the Associated Content news site.
Canary fighting is the new blood sport in Shelton, Conn. Aficionados range in age from 26 to 62, and it is more widespread than you think.

Channel 8 News raised more than a few eyebrows when it reported on a Shelton canary fighting ring that caused 150 birds to be placed into protective custody and thrust 19 suspects with their first and last names into the public eye. This blood sport was so popular that it actually attracted audiences from Boston and New Jersey. It is alleged that attendees would gamble on the outcome of the canary fights, put down their money, and then place two birds in a cage to see which would emerge the victor.

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Bea Elliott said...

I don't even think it was ethical when they used canaires in coal mines... It wasn't the canaries fault humans wanted the dirty black mineral. But now - using them for "entertainment"... turning their delicate yellow feathers into a bloody lifeless mess. Again I say - As a speicies... we suck. :(

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