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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greenpeace Appropriates Martha's Vineyard Times to Deliver Message to Obama

Greenpeace issued a document in Martha's Vineyard calling itself the "Martha's Vineyard Future Times" and distributed it on the streets there. It was made to look like the real Martha Vineyard Times, which was not too happy about it. You can read about their reaction here.

And, here are photos of them handing the flyers out (via Greenpeace I might add).

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D.O. said...

This is classic GreenP corporado tactics. They are, of course, promoting the corporate privatization of The Commons (in this case Nantucket Sound) while enabling the corporate-sponsored death of countless birds, bats and ocean critters. So much for the saviors of the whales!

Given all the resources and big bucks GP has at its' disposal, it's hard to counter such actions other than to point out how ugly the frontpage photo is (windmill sprawl!) and that the small sidebar on the back of the faux paper pictured a mega-storm headed directly for....Cape Wind! Goodbye industrial wind plants! Ha,ha,ha, ha,ha,ha........

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