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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marines Still Using Pigs for Medical Training

They claim the animals are asleep during the procedures and feel no pain. The Marines also claim that using live pigs and inflicting wounds on them is the only way to approximate real-life situations in combat. It's the best way to train medical personnel.

Read and decide for yourself.


Rose said...

If the vets and marines are so sure it's not painful...why don't they undergo the experiments themselves, wrapped up happily and painlessly under anesthesia, like they claim the poor pigs are.

This is degraded human behavior.

Bea Elliott said...

"In the final exercise, the pigs are shot in ways that approximate the injuries that a Marine might suffer, some of the shots severing limbs."

To deliberately shoot off a limb of any being - just makes me hate war all the more.

And the idea that the soldiers are encouraged to name the pigs that they attempt to "save"... I wonder what kind of psychological disfunction that creates? No doubt they will treat those issues with yet more drugs... tested on animals. We suck.

Haitian community said...

I agree with your view that It is the best way to train medical personnel

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