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Thursday, June 18, 2009

University of Iowa Animal Lab Goes Underground

From the Des Moines Register.....
The Iowa Board of Regents approved $11.2 million for an underground vivarium that will house University of Iowa animal research laboratories.

The 35,000-square-foot facility would connect the Medical Education Research Facility and Carver Biomedical Research Building on the west side of campus. The links would mean researchers would never have to transport animals above ground, said Jordan Cohen, interim U of I vice president for research.

A Nov. 14, 2004, break-in at animal research laboratories in the U of I’s Spence Laboratories and Seashore Hall cost about $425,000 and temporarily stalled some research. The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for the attack, in which masked intruders trashed computers and other equipment and stole hundreds of laboratory animals.

I'm so sorry (actually, I'm not), but I have no patience for the sob story. Poor, poor long-suffering animal researchers. They only want to help they also get salary increases, patents, tenure and all the other perks.

How convenient that not only will this underground prison allow for "security," but it will also hide research "practices" completely from the public eye.

Vandals are not the greatest threat to animal researchers, it's transparency. And they know it.


Andrew said...


If 'underground' means 'out of sight,' then your concerns are certainly valid and I absolutely believe that it is imperative for animal research to be conducted in a fully transparent and accountable manner.

That said, the actions of the vandals were completely irresponsible and animal researchers would have every right, in my view, to take whatever steps are reasonable in order to protect themselves, the property of the university and the integrity of their research.

So as much as I feel that your concerns are more than understandable, I do feel inclined to (respectfully) disagree with your viewpoint on this matter.

Bea Elliott said...

For whatever reason I can't log on to leave a comment at the article site... At least I can here.

It's just awful - more tortured animals that will never see the first blade of grass... Meanwhile overhead - the facility will have "a grassy court yard".

Such a "modern" place to house such barbaric practices. Haven't these "scientists" heard of computer models yet?

11.2 million dollars - what a waste... but then again that's an awful lot of money that "researchers" won't get as salary increases... so maybe that's the silver lining?

Animal research keeps itself in the dark ages... now literally!

Anonymous said...

Yes by all mean stop animal testing. All testing should be done on humans. At least they understand what is happening to them. Lets not use insulin or many other medical cures found though animal testing. The fact is that man has used animals for millions of years. They should be treated humanely as all life should. All life ends. To give your life to save others there is nothing more noble for man or animal. Count your blessings you live in a place that Ethical Treatment of animals is all you have to worry about and not just trying to find a way to survive in a very cruel world.

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