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Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's the Difference Between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights?

Here's one perspective....

(See if you can figure out when the author starts talking about PETA. She doesn't mention it by name, but who else could it be?)


Andrew said...


I would have thought that the author in this case is being somewhat harsh upon animal rights groups, since I would imagine that the vast majority of animal rights organizations are also concerned about animal welfare, and were probably formed out of concern with respect to genuine animal welfare issues.

That said, I do not consider myself to be particularly well informed with respect to this issue, and accordingly, my views may be completely naive.

I take it that you do not approve a great deal of PETA, and I note that you have criticized them a fair bit on this blog.

May I ask, and this will probably get you riled up, but what are your main areas of concern with respect to the manner in which PETA operates?

Anonymous said...

Animal Welfare is base all these basic needs:-

Access to food and water

Access to a shelter from the environment or potential harm

Access to medical care when the animals are injured or just normal health check

Treatment that are just for the animals (trainings and humane treatment are a few)

Animal right however believes that:-

Human are a blight to the earth, therefore we should move out of Earth or die.

Animal are supposed to have an equal if not higher than humans

Human are not suppose to have any relationship or bonding with them (That means you aren't allow to have pets or allow to touch them)

Give this a thought - if animal were to given an equal rights as human then they have the same responsibility as a human. e.g. education and possibly war with each other too

What is right and what is wrong all have a line and once the border is crossed, no matter how tempting for us to think is right will never be

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