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Thursday, June 4, 2009

European Union Screws Apes Used in Medical Research

Here are the results of the EU flirtation with restricting research on primates. It's from a Reuters article from last May...I will try not to smash my computer screen in frustration.
Researchers can continue most experiments on mankind's closest relatives -- chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans -- after European Union lawmakers watered down proposals to restrict testing.

The EU's executive Commission last year proposed a range of measures to improve the welfare of the 12 million vertebrate animals used in experiments each year, mostly mice and rats.

The European Parliament backed plans for an upper limit on the level of pain animals should endure and to increase EU efforts to develop non-animal alternatives, with 540 votes in favor and 66 against....

The Commission had also proposed scaling back experiments on the 12,000 primates used each year, so they could only be used if the survival of their species was at stake or during an unexpected outbreak of life-threatening disease in humans.

The European Parliament said its members had rejected that part of the proposal as it would hinder research into some forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

They also called for a feasibility study before agreeing to a ban on capturing wild primates to use in laboratories.

Drug industry group EFPIA said the parliament had managed to balance the protection of animals, the reality of biomedical research, and the needs of patients.

Nothing, nothing makes me angrier than animal researchers. They have no qualms about what they do. At least show me that you people have some conscience and at least feel bad about this. Oh, but if you actually FEEL something, you might actually THINK about what you are doing. Maybe you'll feel some guilt about it.

How lucky for you that your "subjects" can't speak. How lucky for them that there may be an upper threshold for their PAIN!

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Bea Elliott said...

Yes... this is very sad. Thought for sure they would modify their "rules" enough to actually make a difference - Shame on them!

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