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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Stupid PETA Fly "Controversy"

Obama swats a fly, and the next thing you know, we hear of PETA is accused of "condemning" Obama. From what I understand, the media contacted them (how often does that happen?). Here is a part of the blog post from Alisa Mullins:
As we all know, human beings often don't think before they act. We don't condemn President Obama for acting on instinct. When the media began contacting us in droves for a statement, we obliged, simply by saying that the president isn't the Buddha and shouldn't be expected to do everything right—if not for that, we would not have brought it up. It's the media who are making a big deal about the fly swat—not PETA. However, we took the opportunity, when asked, to point out that we do offer lots of ways in which to control insects of all kinds without harming them, including the humane bug catcher we sent President Obama. There is even a chapter in PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk's book Making Kind Choices about how to rid your home of "uninvited guests."
OK? Nobody showed up at the White House in fly costumes so just let it go.

UPDATE - and this non-story has made it to the top of Reddit. Well, I suppose if you will do anything to get publicity, people will start to believe you will do anything to get publicity. And it's the number 4 item on Twitter right after #iranelection, AT&T and iphone. Wow.


Zucchini Breath said...

It just shows that people are paying attention to PETA. I think it's quite funny. I hate when people bring up the "would you kill a fly or mosquito or cockroach" argument. All it does is cloud the real issues.

More power to PETA. I don't care if I look stupid I care about non-human animals being confined, tortured and killed is the message I get from PETA.

Andrew said...

This is a complete non issue and it is a great pity that the media have chosen to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Greeat Crested flyswatter said...

SQUAWK SQUAWK PETA raises a fuss over Obama swatting a fly and sends him a dumb HUMANE FLY TRAP what a bunch of pissypants pansies I mean flies are pests ecept for a few of them and i wonder if these PETA jerks allow mice,rats,flies, and cockcoaches run loose through their homes SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK

Bird of Paradise said...

So according to PETA swatting flies is wrong but aborting you baby is a right idea PETA IS FOR THE EXTREMLY STUPID

Spurwing Plover said...

Zucchini breath your a total igoramus when it comes to PETA their a bunch of annoying wackos and idiots

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