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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slow News Day at ALF?

A canary liberated in Mexico!
With the desire to add ourselves to the call to action to carry out wild sabotage, we of the Frente de LiberaciĆ³n Animal-Comando Verde Negro (FLA-CVN) have not sabotaged any institution or company, however on the morning of June 15 we rescued a canary from a cage where he was kept captive in Mexico State; we have taken a prisoner from cells which had condemned him to live his entire life in captivity. When we had happened to be passing down the street and we saw a cage with this individual inside, we jumped the fence and we carried away the canary in his cage.
Get that? They "have not sabotaged any institution or company", but they did free a small yellow bird. Far be it from me to tell a group who's tactics I disagree with how to do things, but that isn't exactly "communique worthy".


Ana said...

Editorial Note..

Critter News writers often disagree about ALF as well as PETA!


Zucchini Breath said...

Someone's pet that was probably treated very well and doesn't have the coping skills to live in the wild. Now he or she is cat food and the family is grieving and wondering "who stole Polly?"

I'm all for animal liberation, but not family pets, sheesh. That would be like someone coming to my house and letting my cat out so he can walk out to the hiway and get hit by a car.

Good Job, ALF.


GreenBean said...

Well, maybe they are letting him free roam indoors...birds don't have to be kept in cages, they just need a safe environment. I have a friend who lets her birds free during the day; they only go into the cage at night. Even if she has the window open, they don't fly out.

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